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The old business model for law firms is broken. The system is gamed to work for the attorneys, but clients get stuck with attorneys who put their own priorities ahead of the needs of the people that hired them. Musgrove is a civil litigation firm with a focus on personal injury and complex, mass litigation. With almost 50 years of combined experience and more than $150M in settlements and trial verdicts, our firm is capable of representing governmental entities, businesses, business owners, groups, or individuals facing even the most complex issues. Big or small, YOU matter!

What Makes Us Different

EXPERIENCE: We offer representation in a wide range of legal services, and our experience comes from diverse backgrounds in both small-town law boutiques and Top 5 mega-firms.

INNOVATION: We view ourselves as more of a tech start up than a White-Shoe law firm. This philosophy is integrated in every facet of our practice, from our office to our representation.

SERVICE: With over $150M in settlements and trial verdicts, we have a glowing record of representing governmental entities, businesses, business owners, groups, or individuals facing even the most complex issues.

How to Get the Most Out of Working with your Ridgeland, Mississippi Business Litigation Attorney

Business litigation is an incredibly complex and quite costly area of the law. While your business litigation attorney will probably be the one who is primarily dealing with your current business dispute, there are still particular steps that you, as a business owner, can take to help your case proceed smoothly on its way, avoiding both extra time commitment and extra expenses.

Step One: Actively participate in any and all litigation.

Choosing a Ridgeland, MS business litigation law firm to represent your business interests is certainly a very important step but your involvement in your business’s litigation should not end here. In order to provide the best and most complete legal representation of you and your business’s interests, your attorney is going to need a very thorough account of all the relevant past and current circumstances. He or she must be provided with all the potentially related documents and will also need to be given access to any possible witnesses. You, as the business owner, are expected to be the one to provide all of this information and also to provide the context for it. Your attorney very well may be an expert in the applicable area of the law but its application to your particular business dispute requires your very prompt and undivided attention.

Step Two: Do not underestimate the power associated with hiring a respected business litigation lawyer in Ridgeland, Mississippi.

It is always an immeasurably huge mistake to assume that you have the ability to analyze and apply the law without needing to hire an attorney. You may certainly be quite capable of reading the contract, statute, or patent at hand and understanding it on the surface level. However, that ability does not put you into a position where you are capable of accurately interpreting its exact legal definition or its realistic relevance to your particular case. Business law is an immensely complex subject in Ridgeland, MS. Business litigation attorneys have already invested many years and many thousands of dollars into developing their legal expertise in an effort to help businesses just like yours.

Step Three: Save all potentially relevant documents.

Any formal company documents that do not require the accompaniment of an additional document to provide any clarification or context are difficult to misconstrue in court and can therefore be incredibly helpful to your Ridgeland, MS business litigation lawyer when working to prove your case.

Step Four: Perform all of your due diligence.

There is no way around the fact that business litigation in Mississippi is a very expensive prospect. However, this does not ever mean that it is a good idea to try to minimize your costs by cutting corners when it comes to thoroughly preparing for your case. You should never make the mistake of assuming that any litigation matter will resolve itself before it goes to trial. Always take any threat of litigation very seriously right away from the beginning. If you do not, it could end in devastating consequences for you and your business. You should perform your due diligence immediately at the very start of any business dispute to make sure that both you and your attorney completely understand the relevant facts of the case and all applicable law.

Step Five: Determine the value of your Ridgeland, Mississippi business dispute before initiating litigation.

In many business law cases, a party will initiate litigation without even taking the time necessary to research what the possible remedies to the dispute could be. Is your case worth $20 million or $200 million? Could a simple injunction be ordered? Without taking the time to analyze all the risks and all the potential rewards with a Ridgeland, MS business litigation lawyer, you cannot develop a solid strategy for your case.

Attorney Reviews

“Excellent lawyer both in the courtroom and with his day-to-day practice.”

Peer Review by an Of Counsel
June 15, 2011

Our Philosophy

We view ourselves as more of a tech start up than a White-Shoe law firm. This philosophy is integrated in every facet of our practice, from our office to our representation. We leverage advances in technology for our clients’ benefit. This allows for constant communication, enhances our ability to respond to clients swiftly, and saves our clients time and money.

Musgrove Smith Law in Ridgeland, Mississippi

Musgrove Smith Law is a modern law firm. Our attorneys are focused on applying innovative and creative personal customer service to the practicing of law. We are here to work with you or your business to form strategies to accomplish your goals, saving you time, money, and time away from work and family.

High quality legal representation is more than just an excellent trial strategy. In a modern age where many attorneys find any and every reason to avoid entering the courtroom, you will not find better representation in the courtroom than Musgrove Smith. We will listen carefully to your problems, take the time to explain all the options for you and your business, and help you decide which of those options best meet your needs. If you are embroiled in a business dispute, healthcare litigation and transaction, or have suffered a personal injury, don’t wait to call Musgrove Smith for the help you need today.

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