About Us

Musgrove/Smith Law is a cutting edge firm focused on applying innovation, creativity, and attentive customer service to the practice of law. We think differently, act differently, and devise contemporary, efficient strategies to accomplish our clients’ goals, saving them time, money, and distraction from work and family.

Our job is to solve problems, not create them, and you will never find us dragging a case out longer than necessary just so we can make more money. Quality legal representation is more than just excellent trial strategy. In an age where lawyers find every reason to avoid the courtroom, you won’t find anyone better in the courtroom than Musgrove/Smith. We will listen carefully, take the time to identify options, and help you decide which path forward best meets your needs. Whether we are paid through a flat fee, an hourly rate, or a contingency basis, we work to get the job done efficiently and with the best possible result.

We will never take a “one size fits all” approach to your case; our services are personalized for each and every client. We understand the people and companies we represent are unique, and thus deserve an individualized plan for legal representation. At Musgrove/Smith, we reject traditional stereotypes of stuffy, impersonal, profit-driven law firms, realizing that what we do impacts the lives of real people. We are serious about customer service, and will ensure you can get in touch with someone in our firm when you need us.

Our reach is broad. We have clients in every region of the State of Mississippi and beyond. From the Hills of the Northeast to the Gulf Coast, from the Delta to the South Central Region and the Piney Woods, we have successfully practiced throughout Mississippi and in other parts of the U.S. We have experience dealing with federal agencies as well as local boards, from federal and state government to local politics, Fortune 500 companies and small start-ups, so we can represent you with skill and expertise in cases large and small.

A pledge to integrity;

A commitment to diversity;

A dedication to quality service;

Musgrove/Smith Law…

A bias toward action!

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