Education Law

At Musgrove/Smith, we believe a quality education should be afforded to every citizen.  Known as the “Education Governor,” Gov. Musgrove oversaw Mississippi’s initiative to become the first state in the nation to have a computer with internet access in every classroom.  Before becoming governor, Gov. Musgrove also served as school board attorney for over 16 years to his local district.

The attorneys at Musgrove/Smith have experience representing boards of education and individuals in all aspects of school operations. We also have extensive experience in administrative forums and in dealing with the Mississippi State Board of Education and the Mississippi Department of Education.

Our experience covers all aspects of education law, including:

  • Student Disciplinary Matters
  • Personnel Disputes
  • Special Education Matters
  • Regionalization, de-regionalization and sending-receiving issues
  • School Funding and Finance Matters

Through our dedicated team of attorneys, we are always available for our clients. Whether it is attending board meetings, IEP reviews, employee disciplinary hearings, or simply answering questions, our clients are provided quality legal services in a prompt and efficient manner.

Representative Engagements

Prior representation of school district as local and general counsel.

Representation of 21 Mississippi school districts in lawsuit against State due to underfunding of the Mississippi Adequate Education Program.

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